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Oilfield and Oil Rig Accidents

Oilfield and Oil Rig Accident Attorneys | Law Office of Kevin P. Gallagher

Oli Field Accidents Oil Rig AccidentsIncreased oil and gas well drilling activity in the United States, and particularly in Texas, oilfield accidents and oil field-related injuries and deaths are increasing rapidly. Most oilfield injuries are catastrophic due to the nature of the dangerous work involved in this industry.

Oilfield workers are often expected to work long periods of time without adequate rest, forced to take unnecessary risks to keep their job, forced to work with some workers that might not be properly trained, work with oilfield workers that might not comply with or just ignore established safety standards in order to keep the drilling rig or operation producing at a fast and high profit rate so they keep their jobs. The result is injured employees and grieving families.

If you or a loved one suffered serious injuries in a fall or explosion in an oilfield accident, oil drilling rig accident, trucking accident or pulling unit accident, don't wait, We will help you protect your rights and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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